Changing a colour scheme and extracting data from the internet

Sometimes I have a spreadsheet containing lots of spreadsheets of similar formats all using the same colour scheme. And if after a while I decide I don’t like the colours any more then it can be quite annoying to change all of the colours. So I decided to write this short little macro to change the colours.

I didn’t have a long spreadsheet to hand so I decided to create one using some of the Met office's data. They provide historical data for a number of their weather stations in text files all in similar formats. This spreadsheet opens each of web links, copies the data into a spreadsheet and puts it in a nice(ish) standardised format.

Colour Looping V2

The macro isn’t perfect but I did learn a we bits, for the macro to work you need to have a few options set in VBA as described here. I used, amongst many others, these websites for help

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