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Over the past year I've been having a play mapping things in Excel, not the best tool for doing this I know but it does the trick. Mapping the data directly from Excel has the advantage that I've my data is already in Excel. I would like to do the same exercise in R but that's for another day once I get to know R better.

The method I used is based on tips and methods used on Chandoo and Clear and Simply.

My output looks like this:

Which looks pretty good to me.

It has a number of features:

  • Choropleth map based on postcode area
  • Mouse over each area to find out it's name and value
  • A data table showing the values for a clicked on area compared to the overall total
  • A dropdown box so you can choose what variable you want to map
  • Fully customisable list of colours for the map and a few pre-defined colour sets
  • The legend automatically adjusts to your data, but if it doesn't you can overide the values

There may be other features but they are the main ones.

The spreadsheet containing this map is here.

Hopefully I'll explain it a bit more about how it works another day.


2 thoughts to “Mapping in Excel”

    1. Hi Francesco, I have updated the link now so it should work now. Please let me know if you have any feedback about the spreadsheet.

      I have also added a new post which contains a newer version of this spreadsheet with some enhanced features.

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


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