RSS Challenge 2015

I thought I’d take a look at the RSS (Royal Statistical Society ) “Statistical Analytics Challenge” after being sent it at work today. It involves analysing eye movement on 60 pictures.

Whilst I’m not going to enter the competition I am going to have a go and see how far I get. My plan goes something like this:

  • Read the image into R
  • Split it into a grid
    • Initially a large grid and then progressively smaller ones
  • Calculate some properties of each of the grid cells
  • Check how each of these properties correlate with where the eye movement points are
  • Check the properties of the surrounding grid cells relative the current cell
  • See how these new properties interact with the eye movements.
  • Do each of the above for a number of pictures to come up with a model and then test this on one of the other pictures.

To do this I’ll need to learn some new skills in R

  • Image manipulation
    • Importing images
    • Finding the various properties of the images
    • Splitting an image into bits using a grid
  • Finding correlations
  • Making a model

The last two are pretty ambiguous but I don’t know a lot about R so I don’t really know what I’m planning.

From using this post on r-bloggers I’ve learnt how to import an image into R and create a data frame which splits the picture into pixels and gives the x and y coordinate for each point and a 3 columns for the rgb (red, green, blue) properties.

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