Terry Pratchett and the Clacks Overhead

"You know they'll never really die while the Trunk is alive[...]
It lives while the code is shifted,
and they live with it, always Going Home."

- Moist von Lipwig, Going Postal, Chapter 13

It is a year and a day since Sir Terry Pratchett died, author of the Discworld series amongst other things, died. But it is nice to see that a year on that he still lives on, not just through his books but through the Clacks Overhead. This was a little movement by web developers to keep his memory alive.

 I’ve got a Chrome App which lights up every time I go on a website with this code embedded on it and it is surprising the number of sites which have it embedded and even more surprisingly it isn’t just geeky Terry Pratchett sites. So far I have found:

I’m sure that there are more so I’ll add to the list as I find more. Add a comment below if you find more.

While looking on the Guardians site I found this clever little job advert in the websites code:

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